Building a High Performance Team
And Managing Conflict

Course outline

This fully interactive workshop will explore the advantages and disadvantages of team working, explore a model of team formation and consider the impact of different characters upon a team. It also looks at the causes and effects of conflict within a team and how to manage this.


On completion of the course, delegates will:

  • be able to identify the advantages and potential disadvantages of working within a team
  • be able to explain the stages of team formation and how to progress teams through these stages
  • have considered the impact of various roles upon the team
  • know the characteristics and building blocks of high performing teams
  • understand the causes and impacts of conflict within a team
  • have developed strategies for preventing or managing conflict


This course is recommended for those who manage or lead teams and want to take them to a level of high performance. It will benefit both line managers and those managing project teams.

Workshop style

This fully participative course includes:

  • individual and group exercises
  • group discussion
  • skills practice
  • input from tutor

Course content

  • the advantages of team working and how to overcome the potential disadvantages of working as a team
  • the stages of team formation
  • team roles and their impact
  • the characteristics of high performing teams
  • the causes and consequences of conflict within a team
  • preventing or managing conflict between team members

To find out more

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