Confident Speaking

Course outline

There often seem to be occasions in the working world where we are called upon to speak in front of a group; sharing information in a meeting, delivering a briefing to a team or group, presenting ideas to the board, introducing ourselves at an event. If this leaves you feeling anxious and shaky, then this workshop is designed for you. Learn how to overcome nerves, ensure you come across to your audience exactly as you intend and pick up tips on how to respond to tricky questions.


On completion of the course, delegates will:

  • feel more confident when speaking in group situations
  • know some methods for overcoming nerves
  • have mastered a strategy for fielding tricky questions
  • understand how to use their voice and body language for best effect
  • be able to capture and maintain audience attention


This programme is recommended for anyone who wants to feel more confident when speaking in a group situation. It is also suitable for those who want to improve how they come across to others to ensure they are delivering messages with confidence, clarity and congruence.

Workshop style

This fully interactive course includes:

  • individual and groups exercises
  • group discussion
  • skills practice
  • input from the tutors

Course content

  • capturing audience attention
  • using your voice to best effect
  • you as your most powerful visual aid
  • dealing with audience responses
  • practice, practice, practice

To find out more

Contact Fiona Robson at Up Front Training and Coaching to discuss how the programme can benefit your organisation.

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