Delegating Effectively

Course outline

As a manager the ability to make the most of your time is key to success. One of the main tools for increasing productivity is delegation. This workshop will help managers to overcome any reluctance they may have to delegate and will furnish them with a structured approach to successful delegation.


On completion of the course, delegates will:

  • have established what true delegation is and identified its benefits
  • be able to apply a structured approach to delegating tasks
  • have identified the barriers to delegation and explored methods for overcoming these
  • know a variety of techniques for deciding what to delegate
  • have a plan for delegating in their own work environment


This programme is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their approach to delegation. It will benefit those who want to improve their own productivity by successfully delegating tasks or projects to others.

Workshop style

This fully participative course includes:

  • individual and group exercises
  • group discussion
  • skills practice
  • input from tutor
  • case study

Course content

  • what is delegation
  • the benefits of delegation
  • beliefs and perceptions around delegation
  • a structured approach to delegation
  • best practice hints and tips for delegation
  • deciding what to delegate
  • barriers to delegation and how to overcome them
  • case study
  • planning how to use delegation in your own work environment

To find out more

Contact Fiona Robson at Up Front Training and Coaching to discuss how the programme can benefit your organisation.

Fiona didn't give me solutions; she helped me think it through for myself.

Sally, Kenilworth