Having Difficult Conversations

Course outline

From time to time, we may all come across situations where we are faced with having that "difficult conversation". This workshop is designed to give you some tools, techniques and models for addressing those situations; from learning how to say "no" assertively through to coaching someone back to performance.


On completion of the course, delegates will:

  • understand how to build rapport to make conversations smoother
  • have explored a number of coaching techniques and will know which one to use when
  • be able to give valuable feedback to others
  • know how to remain in an assertive mode when challenged
  • be able to propose a course of action using a systematic approach


This workshop is recommended for anyone who faces challenging conversations in the work place. It will benefit line managers, project managers and those looking to build their confidence in their daily interactions.

Workshop style

This fully participative course includes:

  • individual and group exercises
  • group discussion
  • skills practice
  • input from tutor

Course content

  • assertiveness - how to stick to your guns without offending
  • giving valuable feedback
  • coaching individuals back to performance
  • putting forward a proposal to others
  • techniques for building rapport in tricky situations
  • practice sessions

To find out more

Contact Fiona Robson at Up Front Training and Coaching to discuss how the programme can benefit your organisation.

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