Leadership and Management Development Programme

The move from being part of a team to leading a team is probably the biggest transition people will ever make in the workplace. It is therefore crucial to support them through this period of change as much as possible. Providing new leaders with the skills and knowledge to manage other people, where previously they only had to manage themselves, is a key part of this support.

At Up Front Training and Coaching, we can design a programme to develop your new leaders and managers in a number of the key areas that they will require in their new roles. The programme will be tailored to your organisation to suit your needs, time scales and budget. Our Leadership and Management Development programmes can include any of the topics below which can also be run as stand-alone workshops.

Introduction to Leadership

This workshop will include an exploration of what leadership and management are and how they fit together. We will establish the key responsibilities of leadership and discuss how to engage staff. Delegates will be introduced to a number of leadership styles and discover how to select the right one for the right situation. We will also consider theories of motivation and identify how leaders can motivate their teams.

Managing Performance

One of the key functions of a manger is to achieve targets and goals through other people. It is therefore essential that managers and leaders can set clear targets, give effective feedback and manage the overall performance of their teams. This workshop will identify reasons for under performance and explore strategies for improving performance. It will allow delegates to practice and build all these skills for easy transfer back into the work environment.

Developing Team Members

Since people are one of the key assets of any organisation, their development is fundamental to the growth of that organisation. In this workshop we explore how to identify development needs and the opportunities available to meet those needs. Delegates will consider different learning styles and the impact that these have on the choice of development interventions. The workshop also covers development planning, monitoring and the evaluation of learning.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching is becoming a more important skill for managers to develop. Recent research by both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Leadership and Management showed that around 80% of businesses use coaching to manage and develop staff. For these interventions to be successful, the manager needs to have honed their coaching skills. Delegates on this workshop will identify and practice the skills required to become an effective coach, as well as discuss the suitability of coaching in different situations.

Building a High Performing Team
and Managing Conflict

In order to take a team to a high level of performance, the leader or manager needs to understand how a team functions. In this workshop, delegates will explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of teams and identify ways to overcome the disadvantages. We will establish how teams are formed and consider what actions can be taken to move a team through to the high performance stage as quickly as possible. The workshop also allows delegates to discover the importance of different types within a team and will focus on how to manage conflict between these different characters.

Developing Effective Communication Skills

Commonly leaders and managers can spend as much as 80% of their time communicating: with their team members, their peers and their own managers. To make this time and effort as productive as possible, it is important to ensure that all your leaders and managers have excellent communication skills. The abilities to listen effectively, ask the right questions and express ourselves well do not always come naturally to people. This workshop will cover these fundamental skills and more, around the importance of observing body language, putting a case forward competently and choosing the right language to influence and persuade.

Running Productive Meetings

As a large amount of time in any organisation can be taken up with meetings, it's important to ensure that that time is used productively. By focusing on the preparation required for a meeting and the responsibilities of those involved, the time spent in meetings can become more valuable. This workshop will also equip managers with the skills to encourage positive behaviours in meetings and to challenge disruptive behaviour.

Delegating Effectively

In order to maximise the use of their time, leaders and managers need to develop the skill of effective delegation. This workshop will help people overcome the barriers to delegation and will offer them some tools for choosing the right tasks to delegate. We also explore a structured approach to delegation to ensure that all the potential benefits of delegation can be secured.

Planning and Implementing Change

As change becomes business as usual in the 21st century, a manager that can successfully lead their team through the process of change will be one step ahead of the rest. During this workshop we will identify the reasons for and reactions to change. Delegates will also explore a number of tools and techniques that will help them plan and implement change smoothly and efficiently. There will be a particular focus on how a leader can help people through the change process as this can be a common barrier to effective change.

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