Leadership and management development

We work with leaders and managers in a number of ways to give them the skills and knowledge they require and the confidence to apply these in everyday situations, ensuring that they and their team can perform successfully.


Group workshops for developing leaders and managers allow participants to easily learn new tools and techniques for managing others. There is lots of interaction so that people can learn from each other as well as from the facilitator and plenty of opportunity to try out new skills and behaviours in a safe and encouraging environment. All of our workshops include pre and post contact to maximise the impact of the learning.

Popular issues that we cover in our workshops include:

  • managing a variety of people and situations, by developing and using a wide range of leadership styles

  • encouraging staff to think for themselves, by using coaching skills

  • correcting underperformance, by spotting the signs and choosing the right tool to fix it

  • managing conflict within the team and creating a productive work environment

  • improving performance by giving constructive feedback to staff

  • managing communication across a team

  • turning a poor performing team into a high performing team



One-to-one coaching allows development to be tailored specifically to the individual’s needs and style.
This approach gives the leader or manager the time and opportunity to focus on their own skills development, working at a pace to suit them and drawing on their own experience, ideas and solutions.


Everything DiSC profiling


This suite of profiling tools from Wiley helps leaders and managers to become more self-aware and to take control of their actions and behaviours in the workplace, enabling them to communicate with and manage their teams more productively. There are profiles specifically aimed at managers including both self-assessment profiles and 360° feedback profiles.


Emotional Intelligence profiling


Emotional Intelligence is a crucial requirement for any successful leader. Being able to understand your own emotions and those of others and how these impact on behaviours at work can set a great leader apart from a good one. Self-assessment and 360° feedback profiles are both available.