Staff Development

We work with members of staff from right across the business to help them develop the skills and behaviours required to do their jobs well. This is great for them as people tend to be happier in roles they know how to do and it’s great for the organisation as well-developed staff tend to be more engaged, more productive and more loyal to the organisation.


Group workshops are a great way of learning as they allow participants to learn from each other as well as the facilitator. Sessions are practical and interactive giving individuals the chance to develop their skills and knowledge in a safe environment. All of our workshops include pre and post contact to maximise the impact of the learning.

Popular issues we cover in our workshops include:

  • working with staff who struggle to manage their time and helping them to make the most of their day

  • working with staff who are going through change or are finding work stressful to enable them to become more resilient

  • working with staff who lack confidence to help them be more assertive and have productive conversations

  • working with staff who are resistant to feedback to help them see it as a positive thing which can help them grow and develop their skills

Coaching and mentoring

One-to-one coaching and mentoring allows development to be tailored specifically to an individual’s needs. Sessions can be structured so that there is a relevant amount of input from the facilitator alongside more traditional coaching where the individual considers how new tools and techniques can be applied to their own work situation.

Everything DiSC profiling


The suite of profiles from Wiley can be used with individuals to help them understand themselves better and then adapt their behaviour to be more productive in the workplace, improving such areas as team working and communication.

Emotional Intelligence profiling


Developing your Emotional Intelligence can be a key contributor to success. Understanding and developing the skills and behaviours that enable you to work more productively with others can increase your wellbeing as well as your performance. Self-assessment and 360°profiles are available.