Our Style

Our workshops and team events are fully interactive and incorporate contact both before and after the event to maximise learning. We use a light touch encompassing tools that are easy to learn, simple to remember and straight forward to apply in the workplace. We create a safe environment where participants feel comfortable to share their concerns, ask questions freely and can try out new skills without any sense of threat.

How We Work

At Up Front Training and Coaching, we believe that developing people is much more than sending them on a course. So we have developed a process that reflects how we believe development should be implemented.




We engage learners, motivate their minds, stimulate their curiosity and help them to see the benefits of development


We listen to our clients and clarify their learning objectives, then agree a suitable programme of development




We run fully interactive, brain friendly workshops, team events and facilitated events along with one-to- one coaching


We revisit the learning, remind people of the content and challenge learners to take action to help create new habits

Follow Up


We review the impact of the programme to ensure a positive experience and learning and to identify new behaviours


Before development takes place, it is ideal for the line manager to meet with the learner to agree the purpose and benefits of the event. Also, there should be a meeting after the event to discuss what has been learned, how this can be used in the work place and what support the individual needs to maximise the impact of the learning. We can support line managers by providing templates for these meetings.